Our Focus

Our focus reaches well beyond simply implementing a solution. We strive to provide solutions that our clients are prepared to use, maintain, and expand for years to come. Success is not measured simply by a solution, but by its ability to drive value well into the future. We lead our clients to success through constant communication and ongoing evaluations of their needs and goals. With our Agile process we iterate rapidly to expedite time to production while maintaining flexibility, allowing us to react to a changing environment.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change
– Stephen Hawking

Our Process

Elevate Consulting believes in the power of using technology to enable companies and individuals to achieve more. We also believe that addressing technology without accounting for people and process will inevitably fail. We employ Agile methodologies that mesh together people and technology to drive results and exceed expectations. The best results are achieved through a strong and mutual understanding of the needs, goals, and processes of our clients. We engage in frequent and transparent communication, understanding that requirements can be dynamic and continue to evolve. We firmly embrace an Agile approach to our engagements, and mentor our clients to adopt an Agile process that fits their needs.

Key Process Highlights

Your product, our product

We want you to feel like we are an extension of your team. To that end, we work extensively to ensure your vision, your needs, and your market are well known and understood by our team. Less miscommunication, more production.

Agile Methodology

We recognize that products are always evolving and adapting. To that end, we have embraced Agile methodologies to keep us (and you) at the forefront of this dynamic product landscape.


Our team is located in the US, distributed between the east and west coast. We are available around the clock for our clients. We also use several communication and issue tracking platforms to provide transparency and visibility for our clients.

Looking to the future

Continued success is predicated on a solid foundation. Our solutions will have a stable, sustainable, and flexible architecture that will carry you well into the future.