Discovery Phase

We care from the start. The first stage of working with a development partner is crucial to the success of the final product. Discover how Elevate does it different.

Let’s Face It. Technology can be Intimidating.

Our Process

What you can expect along the road when you choose Elevate

The structure of our process is designed to be flexible while still providing the guardrails needed to keep us all on track. Our goal is not only to provide you with the solution you’re seeking, but to do so in a way that is transparent and seamless. The Elevate Way blends best practices with the realities of our clients’ situations to create a tailored process in which everyone feels informed and empowered.

Key Highlights

What Makes Us Really Good at What We Do…

Your Product, Our Product

We want you to feel like we are an extension of your team. We work extensively to ensure your vision, your needs, and your market are well known and understood by our team. We believe in less miscommunication and more production.

Agile Methodology

We recognize that products are always evolving and adapting. To that end, we have embraced Agile methodologies to keep us (and you) at the forefront of this dynamic product landscape so that we can develop, deliver, and support complex products

Communication is Key

Our team is located in the US, distributed between the east and west coast. We are available around the clock for our clients. We also use several communication and issue tracking platforms to provide transparency and visibility for our clients.

Looking Into the Future

How we consult you today is with an awareness of the future. We believe that continued success is predicated on a solid foundation. Our solutions will have a stable, sustainable, and flexible architecture that will carry you well into the future.

At the end of the day we view our success through the lens of our clients success

We’ve got your back all the way through

In a world where technology changes rapidly, we’ve become experts at anticipating the change and adapting.  We apply the same agility to you by taking pride in learning your culture and adapting to your way of doing business. At Elevate, we capture your vision and build technology that makes sense to you.

Our Process: Candid, Strategic, Built for Success

No surprises along the road. We’ve broken down every step of the process so that you know exactly what to expect.

01. Intro

Where we get to know one another and the journey begins

Let’s get started. Our process begins with an introductory call where a member of the Elevate team will walk you through who we are, why we’re the best, and begin the process of scoping out your needs. We’re looking to get to know you as well as achieve a high level understanding of your current state, desired future state, and any constraints you may have.

02. Discovery

This is where your vision merges with our expertise

At this point, you see the value in working with Elevate and you’re ready to get into the nitty gritty of your project. This is what we call the Discovery Process. An Elevate Architect will take the lead here, guiding you through a detailed session that clearly outlines the requirements as you have them. In some cases this is an iterative process requiring 2-3 sessions to ensure that all items have been captured.

Did We Mention:

You owe $0 until after a contract is signed and you receive the first deliverable.

03. Technology Selection

Where we choose the best route for your desired destination

Now that we know what you need, we get to have ( what we consider to be) fun. The Elevate Architect will begin to match technologies to your requirements and constraints. Folks come to us at all phases of the development process and with a wide array of budgets. We work with you to decide on a blend of open source and proprietary technologies that match your specific needs. If your application is already in production we’ll provide an assessment of what should remain and what we recommend should be replaced. Remember: we are committed to transparency and will only suggest what makes sense for your unique situation.

04. Approach Document

Where your product roadmap comes to life

It’s time to get this down on paper. The next step is the construction of an Approach Document. The Approach outlines the intent of the engagement, the features we intend to implement, the technologies we expect to use, and expected schedule including proposed deliverables. Our team will jump on a call to walk you through what we’re proposing and answer any questions. Feedback from your team will be incorporated and a final Approach Document will be provided for verbal sign-off.

Here’s Where the Fun Begins…

05. Fully Scoped Engagement

This is where the light turns green and we make it official

It’s almost go-time, but first we need to make it official. The last piece before we kickoff the engagement is the Statement of Work. This outlines all items contained in the Approach Document and adds the associated pricing. We also clearly layout any client responsibilities well ahead of time so our clients are prepared.

06. Kickoff

Where were all on the same page and the pedal hits the metal

Now that all the formalities are out of the way, we’re ready to get the show on the road. First things first: a kick off call. On this call, we will run through the statement of work to make sure everything is still applicable and to provide an opportunity for any additional questions to be asked. We also set Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS) that define how the work gets done most efficiently and conveniently. Do you prefer to communicate via Slack versus emails? We’ll note that here.

The Elevate Way

A blend of best practices with the realities of our clients’ situations.

Our goal? To create a tailored process in which everyone feels informed and empowered.

And unless you speak it and live it everyday…

It Should.

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